LPC Books launched its general book publishing division in 2007 under the supervision of Christian Devotions Ministries. Our authors include Christy Award winners, debut novelists, and nonfiction writers. When our fiction titles project an agenda (and all novels project an agenda of some kind), they point to moral truths and characters with strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong.

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas is a royalty-paying book publisher. We do not charge for the production, editing, or marketing of our books. LPC assumes all production costs. We will on occasion encourage our authors to participate in ad buys when we think it is a good investment (Goodreads ads, Vessel Project ads, Ask David Twitter buys, etc) but the author is under no obligation to participate. We do not offer any advance against royalties. We issue royalties monthly, but as we continue to grow, we may move to a quarterly payment structure.

LPC has several active imprints, ranging from romance to speculative fiction and Christian living nonfiction.

(Coming in 2018)

In addition to print and ebooks, LPC also publishes certain titles in audiobook format.

LPC Media Group is our independent, community-based film division. Our community is based on a cooperative model for the fulfillment of our professional and creative projects.


I run a Christian critique group. We recently had a retired missionary visit our group and I think her story is worth publishing. Would your company be interested in a book about her life on the mission field? If not, can you suggest another Christian house that publishes that type of book?

Hello, I was wondering if you had any open editor positions that I could apply for? This seems to be a wonderful book company that I would be delighted to work for.

If I do not have the funds to come to a writer’s conference, is there a way to pitch a book to you? I haven’t been able to attend a conference for a couple years. I just wanted to know.

Many of the conferences we attend offer scholarships for those who can’t afford the conference fee. I suggest you contact the directors of the:

The Florida Christian Writers Conference
The Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference
The Asheville Christian Writers Conference
The Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference
The Colorado Christian Writers Conference

They might be able to help you find the funds to attend.

Hello! I’d love to find out about any job opportunities at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas!
Thank you!

Do you hire any editing help, or offer internships? I’m exploring the editing field.

My name is Andrew Branch, and I want to bring order to the world through language. Finding an expert in every technical aspect of the job doesn’t guarantee a mastery of language—and you can’t train that.

I am trainable, with extensive communications experience and attention to detail when it comes to editing. Authentic and genuine, I believe my experience and adaptability make me capable. My valedictorian English degree and my six years of writing/editing in journalism and teaching make me qualified to adapt to your needs. I am a self-starter, fluent in writing and an avid reader, having written for WORLD Magazine for more than three years.

I fit the basic qualifications for an entry-level editorial assistant.

This is a fan letter. I read a lot of books, primarily Christian fiction. You might say that I am quite attached to my kindle. I do enjoy good writing and it didn’t take me long to realize that I was really enjoying every book in my collection that you had published. They all have their own voice and are very different from each other, but they all take me into their lives and help me to think about new things. Because I read on my kindle and so quickly, I often don’t remember the names of books. When I look up some of your free books, I read the description and realize that I read it and really enjoyed it. Thank you for putting out such quality books.

I signed up for the Free Kindle ebooks and have received a couple of emails. Everything I read is ‘don’t follow any link received in an email’. Is there a way for me to authenticate your emails before taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity for free books – ones I have a hard time finding otherwise? Or is there a way for me to get the books from your website?

When you signed up, there was a confirmation step. That is Mail Chimp’s authorization that your email is legit, as is ours. The advice not to follow any link in an email is good advice. In this case, however, you can check the email “sent from” in the header.

We are nearing the final stages of a Children’s book being completed and are seeking to self-publish. You were recommended by a member of CLASS as one of 3 presses she would encourage us to explore. Could you please provide me w/information on your printing services, fees, time table, etc. With gratitude, Patty Stump

Patty, I am afraid you were misinformed. We are not a self-publishing press, but rather, a traditional publisher. I suggest you explore CreateSpace.

To whom it may concern:

I am an undergraduate student and am interested in learning more about your company and if there are any opportunities for summer 2016.

I am trying to order books for a conference- Come Empty, by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith. However, I am wondering about the return policy if I don’t have as many attend as I anticipate. Do you take returns. Thanks!!

What is the city of publication for BASEBALL’S LOST TRADITION?

I’m compiling a bibliography gor styadiums

Dear Sir / Madam,

we have learned on the very interesting title Once Beyond a Time by Ann Tatlock (Heritage Beacon Fiction). As German Publisher we would very much like to receive a Review-pdf for a possible Translation and publication. Are German rights still available? We would be very grateful if you could send us material for consideration. Or do you have a contact address where we can ask for a manuscript? Thanking you! Kind regards, Susanne Baum, Edit. Dept. Brunnen Publishing, Giessen, Germany

Chris Richards mentioned that you’re looking to expand into cozies. If you are, can you please let me know if you’d be interested in a funny amateur sleuth mystery set in Myrtle Beach? I’ve had seventeen short stories published, ten of which the rights reverted back to me and I put on Amazon Kindle.

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